• The Path to Global Universities | A Dialogue between Kaiwen Academy and a Harvard University Lecturer



    Kaiwen Academy “ The Path to Global Universities ” lecture series began with Mr. Peter Shumlin, a lecturer of Harvard University.

    He delivered a speech with the theme of Cultivation of Global Citizenship for Young People for the students and parents of the sixth grade and above.

    Focus on the development of social responsibility, global citizenship and leadership of young people.

    Mr. Peter Shumlin, who is passionate in education, was a lecturer at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

    In 2019, he will be a senior researcher at Harvard University and teach at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health.

    Mr. Shumlin is also a board member of the University of Vermont and Vermont State College.

    It is worth mentioning that Mr. Shumlin served as the 81st governor of Vermont, USA from 2011 to 2017.

    In 2013, Peter? Shumlin spoke with the then President Barack Obama and Indiana State Governor Mike Pence
    (now the US Vice President) at the White House.



    At 4:20 pm, Mr. Shumlin and his entourage arrived at CKWA and were warmly welcomed by Headmaster Martin George, Headmaster Wang, and Curriculum Director James. Mr. Shumlin visited some parts of the campus accompanied by Headmaster Martin George. He gave highly praise of the campus environment and professional facilities.


    Mr. Shumlin Arrives at CKWA







    “You know, fifty or sixty years ago, if students wanted to go abroad to pursue studies and research, they could only choose to take trains and ships. Even though in the case of such inconvenience, my parents decided to devote themselves to the education career. Modern transportation has greatly drawn the distance close between us.”

    At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Shumlin said that he was very pleased to be here because he might be the first US governor to come to the Black Box Theatre of CKWA . Then he shared stories and experiences of his family. Mr. Shumlin’s father had survived the World War II, his mother grew up in the Netherlands, and the war had a great impact on their family. After the war, his father was committed to encouraging young people to make changes of society by means of knowledge, who set up a summer research institute and sent children to all over the world. Mr. Shumlin decided to run for the governor because he wanted to change the status quo of the state and make the people’s life better.








    Mr. Shumlin’s election was at the height of the world’s depression. At that time, all countries were facing challenges, including the two largest economies, China and the United States. After his election, he signed the Energy Act (about shutting down traditional high energy-consumption enterprises and developing new energy resources), with a view to creating more jobs, increasing people’s income and preventing global warming.


    Kaiweners listen with avid attention



    Through the introduction of Mr. Shumlin, the students learned that climate change is profoundly affecting the environment around the world: many elks in Alaska have died, because climate warming accelerates the reproduction of insects that suck the elk’s blood; many fishes in the glacier area are on the verge of extinction because the ever-increasing dry areas make fish cannot breathe. The diverse cultures and stories in various corners of the world tell us that as global citizens we shoulder important responsibilities.







    Q1: “Mr. Governor, I want to do some work on wildlife protection in the future, so what can I do now?”

    A student among the audience raised a question. For the question, Mr. Shumlin’s first suggestion is to study hard and do the things at hand. The second suggestion is that the future starts from now. It is a realistic problem that the wildlife is facing many threats, and once they are extinct, they cannot be regenerated. We shall change the situation as soon as possible. It is important to take action right now and seize all kinds of opportunities to participate in and encourage more people to participate in the protection of wildlife. Time waits for no man.

    Mr. Shumlin emphasized that the situation is caused by the acts of previous people, but now the chance is in your hands. Now you are now receiving the best education, and having the opportunity and ability to make a change, just as the excited girl who clenches her fist in the photo.


    Mr. Shumlin participates an activity in a local school of Vermont



    When the girl was 8 years old, she expressed her vision of setting up a new energy committee for the community to influence more people to pay attention to new energy development of Vermont and create a better environment. Currently, there are more than a hundred new energy committees in Vermont which have been established in the past two to three years. People in all communities are working hard to see who can build more solar power facilities. He stressed, “We cannot lounge around and do nothing. We need to act quickly!”, “I came here mainly for communicating with you, students. The best education you get here is to develop a habit of thinking critically. Just as my parents encouraged me to spend a lot of time on public service, I also hope that everyone can take some time to deal with the challenges I tell you, and I am sure that you can make it.”


    Q2: “Mr. Governor, I would like to know which is better in showing your leadership, being a governor or being a teacher at Harvard University?”


    A student raises a question on the stage


    One of the students asked a question on the stage.

    Mr. Shumlin believed that the more suitable way for him to demonstrate leadership is to be the governor, but different positions reflect leadership in different ways, and the target groups will vary. He said that the reason why he did not run for the governor’s fourth term was because he did not want to make the governor a profession, but a career that he is committed to in order to change the current situation.




    The lecture and Q&A that were scheduled to end at 5:20 continued until 6 pm. A number of professional questions from parents are listed here. It seems that the lecture turned into a discussion on energy resources.

    Is there any good measure for solving the issue of grid load?

    The material monocrystalline silicon which is useful for solar energy development can cause pollutions, and the production of solar panels also utilizes fossil energy. So compared to traditional energy, is new energy just a way of transferring pollution?

    How do your Excellency view the coal gasification industry?


    A Group photo of Mr. Shumlin and Kaiwen students and parents

    Mr. Shumlin communicates with Kaiwen students


    Mr. Shumlin communicated with Kaiwen students and parents after his lecture. As for Kaiwen students, he thought they were “very insightful” and he expected “there will be more opportunities to communicate with these children and parents in the future”.

    The lecture opened a wonderful chapter as part of the “Path to Global Universities” lecture series of the Kaiwen Education Group. We will offer more lectures in the series in the future. Please pay more attention.


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